Happy New Year!

Eight years ago, I celebrated the holidays as a cancer patient. I was on a low-iodine diet to prepare for radiation therapy. I was cold, hungry and a certain kind of tired I’d never known before. The doctors said, ‘You shouldn’t work, stay home and rest.’ But I went to work anyway, because there was something so magical about Musicworld at Christmas time and for just a few hours, the void inside me went away, I forgot all about cancer and I was happy.

On Christmas day, I didn’t get to eat the dinner my father slaved over and I watched everyone else eat, but I was happy just sitting around the dinner table, in a warm decorated house, with my family. I opened gifts knowing that the greatest gift I had received that year was that I would be healthy again. No designer handbag could ever top that.

Try to find joy in the ordinary and life’s tough situations. If you don’t see it at first, look again.

Wishing you health, happiness and silver linings in 2014.